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ABF Freight official customer service

ABF Freight phone no: (800) 610-5544
ABF Freight website www.abfs.com

ABF Freight typical tracking number:

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ABF: High-Quality Freight and Logistics Services

ABF Company is one of the best international shipping companies; it offers the logistics services in the North America. ABF consists of two companies: ABF Freight and ABF Logistics. The company has many years of successful shipment experience under its belt. The clients of the shipment provider know that their orders will be fulfilled on time and that their cargo won’t be damaged. ABF Company takes a great care of its clients. In a case of any non-standard situations, the representatives of the logistics provider do their best to solve the issue as quickly as possible and propose only beneficial terms of freight delivery.

The ABF Tracking System: Fast and Convenient Way to Track Your Cargo

Of course, when you pass your cargo to the representatives of the ABF Company you can be sure that it will be in safety, but still, everyone wants to get the updated information concerning the location of the order. It is not difficult with the help of the ABF track system.
The ABF shipment tracking is an easy and simple way to get detailed information about your cargo. The ABF freight track can help you check information about the location, weight, approximate time of arrival of the shipment and some other useful information. To use the ABF track system, one just need to visit the official website of the company and enter a special tracking number. The online service works very quickly and has a user-friendly interface.

Types of Services

As all big delivery companies, ABF offers a wide range of services that can help you solve all your delivery necessities.

The list of services is as follows:

· LTL freight – is an abbreviation for less than truckload. This delivery method is used when the shipment is larger than a parcel, but not big enough for the entire truck. In this case, the company collects cargo from several clients and makes one shipment. It makes this method very economical and convenient.
· Retail logistics – it is a set of unique services offered to business clients. It helps solve even the most non-standard delivery necessities. The list of services is rather wide and can satisfy even the most demanding clients. It can be a worldwide delivery, optimal load shipment, enhanced security for the most high-value cargo, etc.
· Time Critical Service – this option provides our clients with an opportunity to get the order exactly within the specified time. You can be sure that your cargo will be delivered on time.

All the services can be controlled with the help of the ABF tracking system. The system simplifies the logistics process and allows planning the working process of your company. The ABF tracking number is your key to the information about your cargo.
If you work with a great number of shipment companies, then you can use a universal k2track system. It contains information regarding almost all postal and shipment companies of the world. The use of this service will economize your time and help you make the working process more effective, simple and easy.

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